Decorating Supplies

Everything you need for decorating your cakes

The Decorating Process!

I think the decorating process is the fun part. This is where you get to be creative. Remember every step is important and has a purpose towards the end result.

Here is my pick of the most essential cake decorating tools you will need for the decorating process. Click on the picture and you can purchase through my Amazon affiliate link.

Professional 10-Inch Cake Knife

Cake 12" Cake Turntable

Cake Decorating Icing Spatula, Set, 3-Piece

12-Inch Disposable Cake Decorating Bags

Cake Leveler

12-Piece Gel Food Coloring Set

8" Cake Drum

10" Cake Drum

12" Cake Drum

Sheet Cake Drum

12" cake round

10" cake round

8" cake round

6" cake round

Decorating Tips

Large Cupcake Decorating Tips

Cake Scraper/Texture

Wooden Dowels

Plastic Cake Dowels

Cupcake Carrier

Cake Carrier

Straight Icing Spatula, 9-Inch, Black

The Best Buttercream Icing For Cake Decorating.

When making buttercream frosting you want it to taste good and also be able to stand up for decorating.

Here are some of my secrets:

  • Use half real butter and half shortening. The shortening will help give your icing some backbone and stand up when making embellishments, flowers, borders, ect., but the butter will make it creamy and taste good.

  • Add a flavoring, vanilla, almond, mint, whatever suits you.

  • Use an electric mixer to beat down your buttercream. You can beat it on low or medium for 10 - 15 mins if you want, until it's creamy and smooth. This way you will get all the pesky air bubbles out. If you don't beat it enough you will be sorry when you are trying to get a smooth finish on you cake.

  • You need your buttercream soft in order to get a smooth finish, so if you are taking it out of the refrigerator, beat it in the mixer first for a few minutes. If your room is hot and buttercream is too soft to stand up put it in the fridge for a bit and try again. Remember you are working with butter and that gets soft fast in the heat.

  • If you are still fighting with air bubbles and are not getting the smooth finish you are wanting, then on your final coat, get a metal container full of piping hot water and put your decorating spatulas in it for a few minutes. Take one out, wipe off and swipe the final coat and you should see some great results.

a person is pouring cream on a cupcake
a person is pouring cream on a cupcake
a stack of white food
a stack of white food

If you’re building a tiered cake or any cake, you need it LEVEL, it all starts from the very beginning. Your table needs to be level your turntable needs to be level and your first tier or base needs to be perfectly level. When leveling your cakes take it out of the fridge so it’s nice and cool don’t try to level your cake while it’s warm, it will crumb all over the place and break. While your cake is chilled, take a sharp knife and cut the domes off all the tops. It takes some practice using a straight knife so you might want to start with a cake leveler as shown in my equipment listed.

Once your cake is leveled it’s time to put the filling in. Before you goop on any kind of jelly or loose filling you need to have a buttercream dam along the outside rim of the cake. Put some buttercream in a decorating bag and squeeze out a good amount round the rim of the cake, now you can put your jelly filling or ganauche or whatever you’re filling your cake with in there safely without it dripping off the edge. You don’t want it to drip off the edge because then when you’re putting your buttercream finish along the outside of your cake you’ll just battle with that filling coming through your buttercream. If you’re filling your cake just with buttercream, which is one of my favorites, then just pile on your buttercream and use your tapered metal cake decorating spatula to level it off. Then put the other half of that tier on top of the filling upside down so the bottom of the cake is on top. Now put on a thin coat of buttercream around the whole entire cake top sides all the way around so it’s nice and smooth doesn’t have to be perfect because this is just a first coat that will seal your cake, then pop it in the fridge and let it chill.